• Hackney Attic (map)
  • Hackney Picturehouse, 270 Mare Street
  • London, E8 1HE

What happens when you bring together some of the most incandescent art and music (n)ever heard before, some of the most effervescent creative minds and skilled performing hands in the world, and an Attic? It can only be a Transfiguring Night. 

Project Instrumental and artist Yiyun Kang find light in dark places through music, projection mapping and space. Nightmare and beauty, forest and moonlight, secrets and elevation fill Hackney Attic in an existential shimmer of psyche and phenomena. 

Yiyun Kang is an artist, researcher and lecturer, currently in London as a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art. From a painting background, her work explores the borders between real and virtual through video installation, interactive installation, animation and digital prints. 

Montague  Night Tracks  world premiere

Korngold  Sextet

Schoenberg  Verklärte Nacht


Yiyun Kang  projection mapping